Friday, May 6, 2011

Democracy (?)

Stephen Harper's majority raises some disturbing criteria for Canada's democracy. He has obtained a majority of seats with less than 40% of the vote. In other words 60% of the voters did not vote for Harper's Conservatives. Across Canada 7,867,870 people voted Liberal, NDP or Green. 5,832,401 voted Conservative. This is a difference of over 2 million votes. Harper does not have a mandate from the people of Canada to push through alienating legislation which will further damage the democratic principles of our society. I am appalled that a Prime Minister who was found in contempt of parliament has now been elected with a majority of seats which give's him four years of full-blown Conservative rule. Many view him as Canada's George Bush and Naomi Klein recently tweeted that a "hair-raising shock doctrine is coming our way." Harper now has a mandate to pursue cuts to welfare, make further cuts to the CBC, continue to advocate environmental destruction in order to maintain the economy, lower corporate tax rates, build larger prisons, despite a falling crime rate, and purchase unproven new jets from the US despite the advent of drone technology which will make them quickly obsolete.
Canada needs proportional representation. Elizabeth May and Jack Layton advocate this. I just hope that they are able to hold Harper in check, despite his majority. If you're interested in supporting proportional representation click here.

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